Day 43. Celebrate

More photos from our Uweek celebration

Feb 12. Taken Feb 11 at NDDU Open Field, GSC

43 of 365: It is. You can live a life based on lies too, and that doesn’t even require you to say anything. I know a certain mermaid who did it. :D 

Written Feb 12. 1040 AM at Home

Day 42. Entertain

Today’s our University Week Opening Ceremonies. Here’s a pic of Cheyenne and the students of the College of Arts and Sciences preparing for the parade. They’re in their Street Dancing costume - we’re doing the Masskara Festival this year. 

Taken Feb 11 at NDDU Open Field, GSC

42 of 365: I don’t have a driver’s license, and I don’t think I got what it takes to drive (or let alone afford a car) lol, but I know what this question wants: me to rant about my mugshot, and yeah, my ID pics suck.

Feb 11. Written Feb 12. 1030AM at Home

Day 41. In The Garage

We don’t have a garage, but we do have a motorcycle. I took this at the gasoline station. My father is the guy in the foreground with the cap. 

Taken Feb 10 at Shell Gasoline Station, Aparente Street, GSC

41 of 365: I wrote a formal letter to my Dean (boss at work) the other day. It was actually for a colleague. I won’t get into the details, but we were out to seek justice. 

It feels good to be able to help somebody out, but I still feel bad for what happened at work.

Written Feb 10. 850PM at Home

Day 40. Through The Looking Glass

"You couldn’t have it if you did want it." - White Queen to Alice

This is a reference to the rule in Latin that the word iam or jam meaning now in the sense of already or at that time cannot be used to describe now in the present, which is nunc in Latin. Jam is therefore never available today. - Wiki

So, here’s a kid at McDonald’s taking pics of fireworks through the glass wall. I am this guy taking a pic of him through the viewfinder. Alice wonder what the world is like on the other side of the mirror’s reflection. I think I may look like a grown-up and all, but, inside, I am still this 12-year old kid taking pics, oooh-ing and aaah-ing at fireworks and trying to preserve memories of happy things.

Feb 9. Taken on Feb 8 at KCC Mall, GSC


40 of 365: Brains. Passing Zombies often rave about that, lol, physically, I don’t get a lot compliments, but I remember someone saying I got a nice smile - not necessarily a good set of teeth, but my signature grin is kinda’ nice, I guess. My eyes too - they turn to mischievous slits when I smile.

Written on Feb 9. 7PM at Home

Day 39. More Than One

More than one? How about twenty-seven? lol, here’s a birthday cake my friends ordered for me. They specifically instructed the chef to include frogs in the design. I squealed with delight when this was delivered at home.

Feb 8. Taken Feb 5 at Home

39 of 365: Everything you’ve been through contributes to who you are now. My experiences - good or bad - are opportunities for learning. I think I learned a lot from the good things I have experienced because I have grown to be appreciative of what I have. Thankfully, I have never been through really awful circumstances. Life is good to me.

Feb 8. Written Feb 9. 615PM at Home

Day 38. Use your senses

"Touch me-just like that. And that-o, yeah-now, that’s heaven. Now, that I like. God, that’s so nice. Now lower down, where the figs lie…”

-Ersnt (Spring Awakening)

Feb 7. Taken Feb 6 at Salvani Street, GSC

38 of 365: I was born in the 80s, spent childhood in the 90s and lived to see the turn of the millennium in the 2000s. I am fortunate to belong in a generation who experienced the thrill of traditional Filipino games, climbed trees and flew kites. I have witnessed many things and became thankful for the simple pleasures of life.

My ears have heard some of the world’s most wonderful music, produced by people who have something to sing about - the kind that’s untainted by the pyrotechnics of this modern world, the kind that doesn’t need to hit the charts to be appreciated. 

My mouth has tasted quality home cooking - food that did not come from sachets and pouches and served on counters. I drank juice squeezed off the fruit grown on someone’s backyard, sold by children who are not busy playing video games inside their rooms.

I have held the hands of people and felt their souls coursing in their pulses - comforted by their warmth and close contact. I have visited houses of friends, threw small stones in their windows, rapped at their doors and said what I wanted to say while looking at their eyes and seeing myself reflected in their irises. I laughed and cried with them, offered my shoulder or sought theirs - all these before communication reduced them inside rectangular boxes and emoticons.   I wrote letters and sealed envelops with kisses instead of gifs. I waited behind posts, under hedges and above leafy branches, waiting for someone special to pass by - instead of stalking them online and liking their posts.

I am not saying that my generation is any better than the ones which preceded us and even those who will succeed us. I am merely enjoying this nostalgic remembrance of days gone by. The generation now and the other generations to come will also have their own share of happiness, and I wish it would be as fun as I have experienced it.

Feb 7. Written Feb 9. 440PM at Home

Day 37. Backlit

Jem-Jem outlined with a soft glow from the afternoon sun

Feb 6. Taken Feb 8 at NDDU, GSC

37 of 365: Who am I? Right now, I am associating this with song lyrics. I am singing Casting Crows, Jean Valjean and Fun’s Some Nights. 

I don’t know who I am. I am still in the process of learning who I am supposed to be. I do know what I want, but I think that won’t define who I am. Who am I? Right now, I am simply living, but wait til I begin to live life.

Feb 6. Written on Feb 9. 1120AM at Home

Day 36. Nap

My dog makes another appearance. He likes napping on the laundry pile. One of these days, he’ll end up inside the washing machine too. 

Feb 5. Taken Feb 9 at Home